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Entrance to Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar City.

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MATA BASANT KAUR RAI PG LIBRARY (Foundation Laying - 26/12/1999)

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Along with S. Swaran Singh , the former Defence and Foreign Minister of India, our father, late S.Jaswant Singh Rai, was a member of the original ad hoc committee which, after the partition of India, in 1947, was instrumental in delineating plans for the founding of the Lyallpur Khalsa College in its present location in Jalandhar. Furthermore, our family has lived under the shadows of this college, and has maintained a strong and an ongoing link with it since its founding. Two brothers (Col.Tarlochan Singh and Nirvair Singh) have studied at the college; one (Professor Uday Singh) has taught there; and one (Professor Karamjit Singh) was honoured by the college by being invited to preside over the annual Convocation and to deliver the Convocation address in march 1974. Several of our children have also studied at this college.

               The college under its current enlighted management, and the very dynamic Principal, has undergone a major renaissance during the last 4 to 5 years. Extensive construction activity has taken place at the college campus which is aglow with a kind of new vision and impressive development not witnessed in the past two decades. The Jaswant Singh Rai Memorial Trust has undertaken to join the college in this development effort and to provide substantial funding for the construction of three new buildings, institution of three new Scholarships named after our parents, and a Visiting Lectureship in Science, Society and Values, and to enhance the Post Graduate Library holdings particularly in Basic Sciences.


This is a majestic , three storey building , which houses the newly created Physiotherapy and the out-patient departments. This building was inaugrated on December 26, 1999 following the completion of Akhand Path held in the basement of the buiding to coincide with Bapuji's 24th death anniversary. This major college facility imparts training for a 4 1/2 years Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy. The Physiotherapy OPD is a clinically busy place treating patients from Jalandhar and surrounding geographic locations, suffering from various disorders on a daily, full time basis, using modern procedures and equipment.


This is a one floor addition to currently existing, Guru Nanak Dev Library. Foundation of the new addition was laid on December 26, 1999 and the building was inaugurated on December 26, 2000. The new floor has added approximately 10,000 sq. ft. space equipped with state of the art library facilities, including a large Seminar room.


This Buiding represents substantial addition to the current Botany and Zoology Departments and major renovation/upgradation of the existing Science Block. The foundation of this building was laid on 26/12/1999 and the renovation/addition completed in November 2000. The Science Block was dedicated on December 26, 2000. Mata Tej Kaur Rai Science Block houses the School of Life Sciences including the Departments of Biotechnology , Botany, Zoology and the Departments of Chemistry and Physics.

The College added an entire floor to this building in 2004 in order to meet the need for additional space for rapidly expanding Science Departments. The Biotechnology Wing of this floor was inaugurated by Dr. V. P. Kamboj, former Director, Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow and President Elect, National Academy of Sciences of India on October 21, 2004. Dr. Kamboj visited the Campus to deliver the 2004 Mata Tej Kaur Rai Momorial Lectureship in Science, Society and Values.


This new Centre devoted to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Studies, under joint sponsorship of S.Jaswant Singh Rai Memorial Trust and LKC, was established in 2004 to coincide with the singularly important landmark in the annals of Sikh history, the quadri centennial of the installation of the sacred Sikh scripture at Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar by Guru Arjan Dev in 1604. The focus of the Centre is  on research on selected topics in Sikh history , Philosophy , Theology, Heritage & Culture.

The Centre has been established in the memory of Prof. Rai's late grandfather, S. Mihan Singh Rai. The ground breaking ceremony of the building to house the Centre was held on April 15, 2005 . It was inaugurated on October 30, 2006 by S. Parkash Singh Badal , the current Chief Minister ,Punjab.

Mata Tej Kaur Rai Visiting Lectureship In Science, Society And Values

This Yearly Endowed Visiting Lectureship has been established at Lyallpur Khalsa College. The curriculum of our educational institutions, particularly colleges is largely syllabus bound, with little year to year change. The students, therefore, are generally unexposed to the challenges of cutting-edge developments/discoveries in various disciplines of Science and Technology and the relevance of the same to Human Society and its core Values. The primary objective of this Visiting Lectureship is an attempt to fill this gap.

The Lectureship will focus on a selected topic of current interest in any discipline of Science, Technology, Medicine and Humanities. The topic chosen will represent different discipline each year. The invited Lecturer will deliver special Lectures.

Following is a Listing of Mata Tej Kaur Rai invited Lecturers in Science, Society and Values
November 29, 2002Padam Shree Dr. V. P. Sharma:

Former Additional Director General,
Indian Council of Medical Research, and Former Director, Malaria Research Centre, New Delhi,

Malaria : Challenges and Opportunities in fighting a human scourge

January 13, 2004Dr. Daisy Rockwell

Vice Chair, Centre for South Asia Studies,
University of California, Berkeley, U. S. A.,

Teaching Punjabi language at U. of California and identifying a suitable
institution in Punjab for U. S. students to spend a semester each year

October 21,2004Dr. Ved P. Kamboj:

Former Director, Central Drug Institute Lucknow, and President-Elect, National Academy of Sciences of India.

Mission of the Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow and Excitement in Biotechnology .

October 25,2004Dr. Samir K. Bose:

Professor Emeritus, University of Notre Dame, USA

Gravitational Collapse: Stellar Evolution leading to Black Holes .

February 10,2007Dr. Paramvir Singh Ahuja, F.N.A.A.Sc. , F.N.A.Sc.

Director institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology, Palampur (H.P)

"Bioprocessing Biodiversity for Food Security & Improving Quality of Life"

January 17,2008Dr. Amit Sharma,  F.N.A.Sc.

Group Leader, Structural Biology and Computational Biology, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. New Delhi

"Global Warming: A Potential Planetary Catastrophy"

February 15, 2011

Prof. I. S. Dua, Ph. D., Gold Medalist

Fellow of the Linnaean Society, London Former Professor and Head, Botany Dept., Punjab University, Chandigarh .

"From Darwin to Dolly and Beyond"

October 30, 2012Prof. S. Datta, Ph. D.

Director, Laboratory of Sleep and Cognitive Neuroscience Department of Psychiatry, Neuroscience and Neurolgy, Boston Univ. School of Medicine, Boston, USA .

" Gift of Sleep: How Today's Experiences become Tomorrow's Memories"

November 14, 2014Prof. Arun Kumar

Department of Molecular Reproduction, Development & Genetics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore .

" Genetics of Human Mendelian Disorders and Oral Cancer."


Centre for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Studies
February 7, 2015Dr. Joginder Singh Ahluwalia
, Richmond, California, USA.. "Sikhan de Chhota Mel da Sahit 4 volumes ( Guru Arjan Dev’s period to present)

Three Scholarships were established at Lyallpur Khalsa College in 1999 and forth one added in 2004. These Scholarships have been and will continue to be awarded on December 26 each year to coincide with death anniversary of Bapuji Jaswant Singh. The Scholarships are as follows :

  1. S. Jaswant Singh Rai Scholarship in Physiotherapy.
  2. Mata Basant Kaur Rai Scholarship in Computer Science.
  3. Mata Tej Kaur Rai Scholarship in Basic Sciences (Life Sciences).
  4. S. Mihan Singh Rai Scholarship in Basic Sciences (Physical Sciences) - Added in 2005.
  5. S. Mihan Singh Rai Scholarship in Guru Granth Sahib Studies (Added in 2004).

The criteria for the award of the three Scholarships each year have been academic excellence and financial need . If other measures of a student's competitive standing and financial need are comparable, preference is given to students from rural areas since they are not generally exposed to the types of opportunities and environment that the students from urban areas are. The following is a listing of Scholarship awardees:

S. Jaswant Singh Rai Scholarship in Physiotherapy.
Session: 2015-2016Session: 2016-2017Session: 2017-2018Session: 2018-2019
Ramandeep Kaur: BPT 1styr., 81% marks in 10+2; Matric 74 %.Harish Sharma: BPT-II yr;  60.4 % marks in BPT 1st Yr; 76.5% in Matric; Father deceased.Ms. Ramandeep:  BPT- 3rd year; 74% in 10th, 81% in 10+2, BPT 2nd yr 64%;  economically needy, 3 sisters all students.


Awarded to:  Ms. Kirandeep Kaur d/o Late S. Daljit Singh 

Class: BPT- 2nd year

BPT –Ist yr: 70 % marks & ranked 5th in GNDU

Session: 2011-2012Session: 2012-2013Session: 2013-2014 Session:2014-2015
Shilpi Sharma, BPT-IV Ist in BPT-III, 4th in BPT-II & 3rd in BPT-I in GNDU,
Gurpreet Kaur BPT-II Final Marks Obt. in BPT-I= 57%, 10+2 = 80%Navneet Bhardwaj(Jandiala) BPT 2nd 3rd pos GNDU BPT ist 61.5 % Best in HSAnjali Ojha D/0 Shri Janardhan Ojha; BPT-I  10+2= 78 %  ; 10th= 86 % Academically bright, financially very needy
Session: 2007-2008Session: 2008-2009Session: 2009-2010Session: 2010-2011
Karun Kashyap, (Jalandhar) / BPT-I Final Marks Obt. in 10+2 = 64%, Economically Highly DeservingAwarded Special Grant of Rs.10,000.00 in addition to her scholarship
Sukhdeep Kaur D/O Late S. Kashmir Singh Died 01 BPT-I Sukhdeep Kaur BPT - II Secured 63 % marks in BPT- I with 2nd position in GNDU; 72% marks in matric. Economically needy so with father deceased in 2001 and brother an accountant.Gurjit Kaur D/O S. Mangal Singh/Manjit Kaur BPT I yr75% in 10th & in 10+2 ; Needy, V. Sohal Khasa
Session: 2003-2004Session: 2004-2005Session: 2005-2006Session: 2006-2007
Navneet Kaur / 2nd. Prof. Marks Obtd. in 1st Prof= 55% (Both Father & Mother Deceased)
Maninder Kaur / BPT Final Marks Obtd. in BPT I = 61% & BPT II = 57%Dolly Anand / BPT IV BPT1=58%, BPT II=61% & BPT III= 55%Sofia Bharti(Jalandhar) BPT IIIrd Yr Economically highly deserving
Session: 1999-2000Session: 2000-2001Session: 2001-2002Session: 2002-2003
Amitoj Kaur Aneja / 1st Prof. Marks Obtd. 1st Prof.=72% Marks Obtd. in 10+2=70%
Rohit Kesar / 3rd Prof.3rd position in GNDU(2nd. Prof.)
Navneet Kaur / 1st Prof.Marks Obtd. in 10+2= 60% (Both Father & Mother Deceased)
Navneet Kaur / 2nd. Prof. Marks Obtd. in 1st Prof.= 55%(Both Father & Mother Deceased)



Mata Basant Kaur Rai Scholarship in Computer Science.

Session: 2015-2016Session: 2016-2017Session: 2017-2018Session: 2018-2019
Rajesh Kumar: BCA 3rd yr. 69 % marks in in BCA 2nd yr;  Ist prize in Website Design in LKC IT Spark 2014-15 & 15-16; father-mother deceased.Lovepreet Singh: B. VoC (Software Develoement) 3rdyr; 78.2% marks in BCA 2nd yr; 1st Univ Position in 2nd Semester; 2nd Univ Position in 3rd & 4th Semesters;    2nd Position in Modeling in Cultural Competition at LKC, 3rd in Logic Whorl pool Plasma 2016 Competition at LKC.Sarbjit Singh: B. Sc. IT 6th Semester; 74% in 10+2, Ist in BSc IT at LKC, Ist at IT Quiz at IT Plasma, volunteers food distribution in slums in Jalandhar, undertakes social work at Guru Nanal Anath Ashram; ecologically conscious;small time farmer at home


Awarded to: S. Harkirat Singh s/o S. Nirlep Singh

Class: B.S.C(IT) 3rd Semester

B.S.C(IT) 2nd Sem:70%; CBSE Non-Med:74%;CBSE 10th: 80%

Session: 2011-2012Session: 2012-2013Session: 2013-2014 Session: 2014-2015
Satish Kumar BSc.(IT)-III Ist in BSc.(IT)-II in LKC


Inderpreet Kaur BCA 3rd YearBCA-II: 68%, BCA-I: 63%, 10+2: 61%Prabhjot Kaur Rai (Khusropur) BCA 3rdyr BCAI 81%, 10+2=83%Harpreet Kaur, D/o S. RachhpalSingh  BCA I; 10+2=75% , 10th=78%,  ranked 2nd in BCA 1st semester & 1st in 2nd semester at LKC
Session: 2007-2008Session: 2008-2009Session: 2009-2010Session: 2010-2011
Shaminder Kaur , (Jalandhar) / BCA-II Final Marks Obt. in 10+2 = 84%, Final Marks Obt. in 10 = 89%,
Jaswinder Singh S/o S. Tarlok Singh (retd)-B.Sc. IT–II (for yr 2008-09)10th -79 %, 12th -79, B.Sc. IT- 72%--Ist Position in LKC, 5th in GNDU Confident about topping the Univ in BSC-II Baljit Kaur M.Sc. (CS)-IT ;Highly meritorious student Matriculation: 86 %, 10+2: 78 % , M.Sc. (CS)-I: 73 % marks with 2nd Position in GNDU. Economically needy: Mother almost paralysed, father Drives Mohindra pickup truck, brother out of work. Shaminder Kaur D/O S. Satinder Pal Singh / Mrs Manjit Kaur, Sodal Rd, JalConsistently brilliant student, Merit Position in BCA(2009); 2nd position in GNDU in M.Sc.(CS)-I (2010)
Session: 2003-2004Session: 2004-2005Session: 2005-2006Session: 2006-2007
Harpreet Singh Saini (B.Sc. III (Comp Sc.))
Joyti Prakash Verma (B.Sc. II (Comp Sc.))IInd position in B.Sc(I) GNDU.Ranked Ist in MCA Entrance Test,GNDU.Jaswinder Kaur B.Sc.III (Comp Sc.) Ist position in B.Sc(I) and B.Sc(II)- GNDU. Receipient of Ist Michael Sehgal Scholarship of Rs.10 lac for higher studies in UK.Maninder Singh B.C.A IIIrd Yr Ranked Ist in GNDU and obtained 75% marks in both BCA-I & BCA-II examinations
Session: 1999-2000Session: 2000-2001Session: 2001-2002Session: 2002-2003
Amandeep Kaur Rahil / BCA-II Marks Obtd.BCA-I=71% 4th position in GNDU.
Pankajdeep Kaur / MIT-II1st position in GNDU (MIT-I)(currently working as Asst. Prof, Computer Science & Engg. Dept., GNDU Regional Centre, Ladhewali, Jalandhar)
Amarjit Singh / B.Sc.IT-IIMarks Obtd.B.Sc.IT I=66%
Sukhjit Singh / BIT.-IIIMarks Obtd. BIT-I=71%BIT-II=68% 1) Co-developed J.S.Rai Trust Website. 2) Developed Lyallpur Khalsa College Website. 3) First position in web designing (Inter-college competition). (Emigrating to USA in 2003)


Mata Tej Kaur Rai Scholarship in Basic Sciences(Life Sciences).

Session: 2016-2017 Session: 2017-2018  
  Neha : B. Sc. (Medical) 3rd yr -Botany, Zoology; 72 % aggregate marks in 4th Sem: 80 % Botany, 78 % Chemistry; Father Rs. 6000/- m; younger brother in 10+2; very deserving and needy family. Priya: B. Sc. Biotechnology; 3rd yr; 89% in 4th Semester, father a laborer.Ms. Mamta: B. Sc. (Medical) 6th Semester ; BSc 1v Semester-Botany 76%,Zoology 74%, Chem 68%; Econ. Needy, Father small-time Vegetable seller with meager income.  
Session: 2011-2012Session: 2012-2013 Session: 2014-2015 Session: 2015-2016
Sunil Kumar MSc-I(Math) Ist in B.Sc. in LKC in Computer. Sc pays tuition through tutoring 4-5 B.Sc. students Ramandeep Kaur (M. Sc. Mathematics-II) 7th position in M.Sc. I in GNDU


Shweta Kanwar MSc Biotech 2nd Year (Biotech 1st Year 63%, 10+2 70%)Harpriya Jena B. Com 1st Year, (10+2 78%)Amandeep Kaur B. Sc. (Med) 2nd yr, B. Sc. (Med) 1st yr 75%Arjan Verma: B. Sc.Biotech 3rd yr;1st rank in B. Sc. Biotech in 3rd and 4th Semesters in LKC and 18th in GNDU in 3rd semester; father works in a factory.
Session: 2007-2008Session: 2008-2009Session: 2009-2010Session: 2010-2011
SDeepika (Jalandhar Cantt.) / MSc-II(Math) Final Marks Obt. in 10+2 = 72%, Final Marks Obt. in 10 = 86%
Meenu Sharma B.Sc. III (Med) 74 % BSCII; Father Clerk in Pb Kesri 2672746 This slot is alloted to Physical Sciences this year. Priyanka Biotech-I 62% marks in 10+2 Med; Economically very needy Pooja B.Sc. Med I 60% marks in 10+2 Economically v needy, Father can not work for health reasons; Mother daily wages
Session: 2003-2004Session: 2004-2005Session: 2005-2006Session: 2006-2007
LoveeParhar B.Sc.-III (Medical) BSc II Med 60% Marks Both parents Deceased.
Jaspal KaurB.Sc.-II (Bio-Tech.) BSc I (Bio-Tech.)65% Marks Both parents Deceased.Jaspal KaurB.Sc.-III (Bio-Tech.) BSc II (Bio-Tech.) 71% Marks Both parents Deceased.Harleen Kaur Chawla B.Sc-II(Bioteck.) 70% Marks in B.Sc-I (Bioteck. Sukhwinder Kaur B.Sc-III (Zoology-Medical Group)
Session: 1999-2000Session: 2000-2001Session: 2001-2002Session: 2002-2003
Rajbir Kaur / B.Sc.-I (Non-Medical)
Rajbir Kaur / B.Sc.-II. Marks Obtd. B.Sc.-I=72%
Rajbir Kaur / B.Sc.-III. Marks Obtd. B.Sc.-II=74%
Arvind Kumar / B.Sc.-I (Non-medical) Marks Obtd. 10+2=77%
S. Mihan Singh Rai Scholarship in Basic Sciences (Physical Sciences).
Session: 2005-2006Session: 2006-2007Session: 2007-2008Session: 2008-2009
Neha Gupta B.Sc.-II (Non-Medical:Physics) +2 -- 81% Marks; B.Sc-I 75% Marks with 6th position in Univ & Ist in College


  Mankiran Kaur

B.Sc-III(Chemistry- Non Medical) 75% Marks in B.Sc-I & B.Sc-II Ist position in B.Sc-I & B.ScII , GNDU

Paramjit Kaur


86% Marks Obtained in 10+2 , IInd in Distt .

75% in B.Sc(CS),

7th in GNDU

  Chinky Sachdeva D/O Shri Surinder Sachdeva.M.Sc-I(Chem.) 82% Marks Obtained in B.Sc PU 77% , Father owns as shop in Ferozpur; Extra curr:Blood don camp, Dance Comp . Lakhvir Singh M.Sc. II (Maths) 72.2% MscI; Topper in LKC, 5th in GNDU Father Farmer 5-6 acres, Improving English on his own; no more than 5% rural students in Higher Ed ;(01624-239264)
Session: 2009-2010Session: 2010-2011Session: 2011-2012Session: 2012-2013
Richa Mahajan M.Sc. (Physics)-II Swati Sharma M.Sc. (Maths) -I
This slot is alloted to Life Sciences this year.

Sapna Chauhan M.Sc.(Chemsitry-II)

Ist position in M.Sc.–I in Semesters 1 & 2 in LKC, rural background


Sunil Kumar M.Sc.(Mathematics- I) Ist in B.Sc. in LKC in Comp.Sc; pays tuition through tutoring 4-5 B.Sc. students


Ramandeep Kaur M.Sc.(Mathematics- II) I7th position in M.Sc. I in GNDU

Sandeep Kaur MSc Math 2nd Year (MSc 1st Year 74%)

Sunil Sharma MSc Physics 2nd Year (MSc 1st Year 1st Semester 74.5% 1st in LKC 3rd in GNDU MSc 1st Year 2nd Semester 1st in LKC 1st in GNDU)

Session: 2013-2014 Session: 2014-2015Session: 2015-2016Session: 2016-2017
Charanjeet Kaur (Jal Cant) MSc Chem 2nd yr bright, consistently Ist Div, broad training,-2011 PG Dip Nutr-Diatetics 2012 B. Ed. St Sol College of Edu.Mohit Dhir: Msc Maths Sem II ranked Ist in GNDU in I Sem w 85.8% Gagandeep Kaur (Jal city) (Non med) Phyics 2nd yr Istyr 19th rank GNDU 79% marks father expired. Gagandeep Kaur:  B. Sc. (Non Med, IV Sem) 78.6 % in B. Sc. III rd Semester; ranked 2nd in College in 2nd sem.Gaytri: B. Sc. (Non- Medical) Chemistry 3rd yr., 85 % in 10th,  91 % in 10+2; 83% in B. Sc. 3rd and 4th semesters; Father teacher; 3 sisters all  students. 
 Session: 2017-2018Session: 2018-2019  
Ms Isha Rawal : B. Sc. (Non-Medical) 3rd Semester; 86% in 10th with 99% marks in Physics and Chemistry, Second Position in State Level essay competition in English organized by the Punjab Council of Science and Technology; 94% in 10+2, BSc Ist yr 2nd position in College.


Awarded to:   Ms. Jaspreet Kaur  D/o S. Balwinder Singh

Class: M. Sc. Physics 3rd Semester

M.Sc. Physics 1st  & 2nd Sem: Ist position in GNDU;B.Sc. Non Med:75%

and got distinction, 10+2: 82%

Awarded to: Ms Vishali Sharma

             Class: M. Sc. Mathematics 3rd Semester

M.Sc. Maths 2nd Sem: 75% marks, overall very bright -69% marks in B.S.C (IT) at LKC; 77 % marks in B.ED; economic means of parents meager, Superb communication skills



Sant Balbir Singhh Seechewal scholarship in Environmental Studies


Session: 2017-2018Session: 2018-2019  
Ms  Manjit Kaur :   B.Sc. (Med) 3rd semester; 99 % with A and A+ grades in Punjab School Education Board, March 1916, 72% in Ist Semester BSc (Med) and 72.5% in 2nd Semester.


Awarded to: S. Onkar Singh s/o S. Sukhdev Singh

Class M. A. Geography 3rd Semester: 1st   and 2nd in MA Geography two semesters in 2017-18 GNDU with 83 & 84% respectively. Special National level competition on Water Resources Management organized by TERI Univ, New Delhi. An especially bright and innovative brimming with ideas.



Distinctions / Major Awards won by recipients of JSR Trust Scholarships

1Pankajdeep Kaur · Ist position in MIT in Guru Nanak Dev Univ during 2002, 2003 · Awarded Roll of Honour by Lyallpur Khalsa College for 2002-03 · Awarded Scolarship by Govt of India, Ministry of Human Resources and Human Development. · Currently Serving as the Head, Department of Computer S. at L.K.C, for Women.
2Rajbir Kaur: Recd 76% marks M. Sc. I (Math) and ranked second in Guru Nanak Dev Univ. (2001 – 2002).
3Rohit Kesar: 3rd position in 2nd Professional, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Guru Nanak Dev Univ. (2001 – 2002).
4Amandeep Kaur Rahil: .Recipient of Scholarship for M. Sc. Software Engineering , South Hampton Inst., UK. · Recipient of “The Employee of the Month” twice at British Gas, UK
5Amarjit Singh: · Recd Ist Prize in Logic Whorlpool on the spot competetion) by by the Dept of Computer Sc & IT, Lyallpur Khalsa College (2002). · Recd Ist Prize in Group Discussion at TECHFEST 2002 ORGANISED BY Sant Longowal Inst of Eng. & Technology.
6Sukhjit Singh: · In Web Designing in Inter college Competition (2002 - 2003). · Designed several Websites including the Jaswant Singh Rai Trust Website · Currently working as an IT professional in Maryland, USA.
7Joyti Prakash .University 2nd Position in B.Sc (CS)-1st year (2004-2005).
8Jaswinder Kaur Ist position in B.Sc(I) and B.Sc(II)- GNDU. Receipient of Ist Michael Sehgal Scholarship of Rs.10 lac for higher studies in UK. (2005-2006)
9Maninder Singh Ist position in B.C.A-I & B.C.A-II - GNDU. Receipient of Michael Sehgal Scholarship of Rs.10 lac for higher studies in UK. (2006-2007)
10Neha Gupta IInd position in B.Sc-II (non-medical exam) in Lyallpur Khalsa College in 2006
11Mankiran Kaur Ist position in B.Sc-I & B.Sc-II (non-medical exam) in GNDU 2006
12 Dolly Anand 2005-06 Recipient of Jaswant Singh Rai, Scholarship in Physiotherapy, has established a Physiotherapy OPD Clinic in Banga, Distt. Nawan Shahar in 2007.This is the only clinic operation in Banga.
13 Shaminder Kaur Ist position in BCA-I in Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar 2007
14Deepika Ist position in M.Sc-I(Mathematics) in Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar 2007
15Paramjit Kaur Ist position in M.Sc-I(Physics) in Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar 2007
16Jaswinder Kaur IInd position in B.Sc-I(I.T.) in Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar 2008
17Shaminder Kaur 2nd position in M.Sc. (CS)-I in Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar in 2010

Selected Library holdings of Professor K.S.Rai aquired over the last more than four decades in USA have been donated to Lyallpur Khalsa College. This invaluable resource includes books in Basic Sciences particularly in the fields of Human, Animal and Plant Genetics and other Biological and Agricultural Sciences. In addition, certain technical journals such as Genetics, Science, Bio-Science, American Scientists and others have been donated. The books arrived at the college campus in March 2001. The Books have been duly catalogued and housed in Mata Basant Kaur Rai Post Graduate Library. They are freely available on an open-shelf basis to all interested students and staff.  

                   In December 2007, Prof. Rai donated the last ten years quarterly issues of Proceedings of the National Academy Sciences of India. The hard bound copies are also housed in  Mata Basant Kaur Rai Post Graduate Library.