Prof. Karamjit Singh Rai

The website www.jsraitrust.org has been established by Prof. Karamjit Singh Rai. Dr. Rai is Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1960 and since then served as Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame. He has also served as a long-term Consultant to two United Nations Agencies, the World Health Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland and the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria; and as an Advisor to the Governments of Sri Lanka, Brazil and the Indian Council of Medical Research. He has published extensively in his principle area of research which deals with the world of mosquitos, their genetics, the diseases they transmit and the development of newer genetic/molecular methods to control the same.

After 40 years in US, Dr. Rai and his wife returned to India in May 1998 and founded "S. Jaswant Singh Rai Memorial Public Charitable Trust" in April 1999 in the memory of his late father. Since, then he has been actively invloved in philanthropic activities designed to promote educational and health-care infrastucture and facilities at selected institutions/sites in Punjab.

Biography: "Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives"

A book entitled "Ordinary People : Extraordinary Lives" has been published by Dr. Karamjit Singh Rai on Baisakhi, April 13, 2001. It chronicles a brief account of the lives of three remarkable people - author's parents and grandmother. The book describes a brief history of appoximately 200 years of the Rai Lineage spanning some six generations. It is an unabashedly personal account reminiscing about "a bygone era and a different life style uncontaminated by the creeping and omnipotent materialism".

The account focuses on brief biographical potraits of the subjects of the book and about there lives of countless p[ersonal sacrifices, of humility, of service to everyone arround them, of contentment, of sharing whatever they possesed with others, providing help and educational and health care oppurtunities and facilities to the needy, and on there complete subservience to Guru's will. They personified the cardinal Sikh Ideal of Sewa, and with Guru's Grace they accomplished complete peace and tranquility of the Spirit. As manifested by remarkable revealtions by Guru Granth Sahib in the form of repeated hukamnama following their death, they achieved union with God and were delievered from the endless cycles of life and death. Their lives have left an incomparable spiritual haritage for future generations and well defined path for the seekers of truth to follow.

Any one intersted in receiving a free copy of book may write to:

Dr. Karamjit Singh Rai,
Basant Niwas, 2-Jaswant Singh Rai Nagar,
P.O. Randhawa Mansandhan, Jalandhar 144004,
Punjab , India.

or email at: karamjitsrai@gmail.com and karamjit@vsnl.com


Grateful thanks are due to several members of the family and friends in US, UK, and India who have made significant contributions, both material and moral by way of invaluable advice and collaboration, in support of various activities undertaken/underway by the Trust.  Prof. Manohar Singh , Head of Computer Science and Information Technology graciously provided all the help dealing with both the hardware and software needed for generating this website. I am particularly obliged to Prof.Baldev Singh and Prof.Jagpreet Singh of the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar for their help and creativity in setting up the website.